Climate Protection Projects

We assist companies with technologies and products related to energy-saving or renewable energy, who are interested in disseminating such technologies and products in developing countries. Working hand-in-hand, we help establish business models which are feasible and profitable for our clients, and at the same time contributes to climate protection of developing countries, creating carbon credits from greenhouse gas emission reduction. We provide solutions according to the development phase of your business.

【Use of subsidies/funding schemes related to the Joint Crediting Mechanism】

We support our clients' business development by utilizing subsidies and funding schemes related to the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM). So far, we have experiences in supporting companies from various fields to develop business in JCM partner countries in both Asia and Africa. Some of our track record related to the Joint Crediting Mechanism are listed below.


Ministry of Environment (MOE)

▶Low-Carbon City Development through City-to-City Cooperation : Vietnam (1 case)

▶JCM Feasibility Study: Mongolia (2 cases), Vietnam (1 case)

▶JCM Project Planning Study: Mongolia (1 case), Bangladesh (1 case)

▶JCM Model Projects: Indonesia (3 cases on development of JCM Methodology, 1 case on development of JCM Project Design Document (PDD) and JCM project registration, 1 case on monitoring and JCM credit creation)

▶Innovation of Low-Carbon Technologies in Developing Countries: Kenya/Tanzania (1 case)


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)/New Energy and Industrial Technology development Organization (NEDO)

▶JCM Feasbility Study: Vietnam/Cambodia (1 case), Ethiopia (2 cases)