Green Power Certificate

Green Power Certificate

Green power means electricity produced by natural energy, such as wind power, solar power and biomas. While generate electricity produced by fossil fuel (coal oil and coal) occur CO2, electricity by natural energy don't expect to occur CO2 and less burden to environment because natural energy is renewable.

Electricity by natural energy have "value of it own" and also value added as energy saving(saving fossil fuel) and restriction of CO2 emissions. It is Green Power Certificate to narrow the "environmental value".


 Green Power Certificate is a tool to easily change general electricity to green electlicity.


Do you think your facility produce much CO2 emissions?

To use carbon off-setting and Renewable Energy Certificate, you can change used electricity to green electricity.


<Janpanese Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) system>

Japanese RECs is issued by the Green Authentication Center in Japan works under the Green Energy Certificates System.

We can offer Japanese RECs which works effectively when you have demands to replace your electricity consumption.


We only provide Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) confirmed by Green-e Energy(Green-e Energy: the program of comfirming green electlicity. Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), nonprofit organization, conduct it.).

Please call (03-6228-3616) or send us e-mail if you need counseling about Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) and request for quatation.