Emissions Trading System

Domestic Emissions Trading System


Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program

It require large facilities (which amount used of the fuel, heat and electricity last year is more than 1500kL/year per clude oil) to reduct CO2 emissions.


It require large facilities (which use more than 1500kL per clude oil for each 3 years) to aim reduction of CO2 emissions, evaluate and open to public the situasion.

Handle credit

✓In our system, you can sell and purchase various credits such as excess credits/small and medsize facility credits/renewable credits/outside-tokyo credits/saitama credits.

<Our feature in major credits>


 We supply from small to big lot in proportion to your order.


Please call (03-6228-3616) or send us e-mail if you need counseling about domestic emissions activity and request for quatation.